Sunset on the Gulf

ImageWe enjoyed a great evening and a bottle wine on the beach watching the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.  Derwin and Jesse had not witnessed one before and you know how we love a sunset!  It was nice to just kick back and relax after all the school visits and really talk to Jesse about what she wants and make her really think about everything!   It was also awesome to talk to Hannah as she finally made it into the United States and had phone access again and keep tabs with her as she hopped flights to Orlando where she was surprised by her boyfriend Aldo.  Wish I could have seen her face when she saw him in the airport, but I hope to see her Monday!  One more sunset picture of my sweet husband who made this weekend trip for my birthday present so I could stick my toes in the sand.  Thank you Babe!


I am headed out to sit on the beach, under an umbrella, read a book, and drink a few beers for my birthday!


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