University of South Florida “Home of the Bulls”

Another great but exhausting day of college tours.  I am just going to focus on the USF today because we meet with the college coach at UT tomorrow and will just post about UT tomorrow.  Derwin and I set up the USF tour for Jesse because she has been adamant about not going to a large university.  We left USF with Jesse excited about the opportunities at USF.  She said she could see herself there!  Derwin and I were speechless for awhile because of her feelings about large campuses, but that is why we made her go.  USF is a very large campus that works really hard to create small community atmosphere and I will agree it appears they do an awesome job!  The USF tour was 90 minutes long which just proves how big it is!  Yet everything seemed centrally located, easy to access, and they go to great lengths to help Freshmen create like communities in order to help them find their niche and like friends for their 4 years at USF. This is the library at USF because I had to have a picture, and leading the way is our guide Wilton!