Hannah is Home

   As I sit here tonight after having the grandparents for dinner so Hannah and Jesse could both share their adventures, I realize I still have not really gotten to hear that much from Hannah about her adventures so I guess I can say up front that more of this story will need to be told.  Everyone is so tired here.  Hannah and Derwin are snoozing and Jesse is surfing the web while we all just wind down and enjoy being in the same room but no need to talk right now.  Hannah gets her wisdom teeth out tomorrow so it will be some time before she can tell stories again to me.  But I will share a few.  Here is one of her excursion early on to a park where she touch a baby lion.  She also fed a giraffe. Most importantly Hannah made many friends and became the resident techie for the group and the church in Joburg, South Africa.  These are the stories I want to hear.  If you missed her trip here is her blog link:  http://wwjdincollege.wordpress.com/