I really enjoy Thanksgiving and one reason these days is that the entire family is together.  It is always great having Hannah home for a few days and really getting to catch up and visit with her.  It is nice to just be lazy and watch movies together as a family.  To feel like you are in the loop of their lives.  Sometimes I do not even realize how little about Hannah’s life I do not know these days and having these opportunities to catch up and visit are priceless.  I know that next Thanksgiving will be so different as we all try to catch up with each other with Jesse now going all the way to Tampa to school.  I would have never thought Jesse would go so far away, but she seems to have firmly made this decision to attend the University of Tampa and play golf.  It is very exciting! yet worrisome for a Mom.  It is both exciting and sad for Derwin and I as we become empty nesters and see both our girls off to college next year.  We have so many things we want to do, but it is still hard to let this phase of our life go and watch both girls be out on their own.  As ready as I am I know it will still be hard as the time gets closer and closer.  I am so thankful that God has given me such beautiful girls and a loving husband to share my life with.  As they venture out into the world on their own, I just pray that God stays close to them, protects them, and blesses them, and that Derwin and I will enjoy the next phase of our lives have adult children in our lives.  Now we all move toward Christmas which is another great time for us all to be together for several weeks and enjoy the company of each other during this special Christmas time!  May God bless each of us at Christmas and all the year through…


State Golf Championships

I wish we could say that things went better, but Sandy made sure we suffered with the weather and overall it was just not great for Jesse or Abby.  That is golf sometimes it is just not your day.  I know Jesse and Abby  were both disappointed that their bad days came on this stage, but we are all so proud that they made it to this point.  As their coaches kept telling them some people are home right now and they were competing! Sandy made sure they played in the cold, wind, and rain which were not ideal golf conditions and Jesse struggled just learning how to play and make decisions in these conditions, but she can probably say she learned so much.  How I wish the sun would have shined just so we could enjoy a trip to Pinehurst seems like every time we are their to play golf it is cold!  Here is Jesse’s last putt of the state tournament and as a Mooresville High School Blue Devil.  After two long days the best news is it was for par.  Abby ended her play with par on the same hole.  Congrats girls to 4 great years!

No matter what you have to record such a great opportunity so here is a picture of Abby and Jesse in front of the hedges at Pinehurst Village Hotel & Spa.  established in 1895.  This is an area rich in golf history.