God’s Presence

Lately God has been pricking me with his Grace and Goodness.  I know sometimes I can get down and be the natural worrier according to Francis Chan in Crazy Love, but these are the times especially right now that God shows me His Presence.  I don’t always see His Presence in me but through others my eyes are opened to his Grace.  As 2013 quietly rolled into my life, I hoped for Great things but so far the year has been full of mixed emotions.  Then God steps in and shows me his walk with others so I can see his awesomeness in my life.  Over six months ago I wanted time to share the Lord with other woman and now the Lord has richly blessed my life with a small group of women who are willing to meet in the evenings ( Thanks Rosanne, Lynn, and Jesse) and some great girls from work who I also meet with to study Crazy Love ( Love you – Amy, Elizabeth, Brenda, Felicia, Lori).  Amazingly God brings Beth Moore and Francis Chan together for me and WOW my mind really is spinning.  The lessons this month have really impacted  me and brought forward some special people whose testimony in times of suffering and trials inspires me to seek my Lord.  Next week a colleague and awesome math teacher ( Just ask Jesse) will enter the hospital to have his bone marrow eradicated.  The miracle is his brother is a perfect match but the pain he will endure breaks my heart.  One day his wife who is also a colleague shared that she and Blaine had so much peace through this walk and I could see God’s presence.  Just read Blaine’s Blog and you can feel the peace of God is walking with him through this valley.  He is one of my heros!


Join his fight and read his blog I am Fighting with Blaine.

Some more friends of Derwin and I is another young couple who joined us on the cruise this fall for Michelle’s (Derwin’s Employee) wedding.  We have known them for awhile but during this trip and through the  fall we learned that Angela was very sick and the cruise might have been her last trip.  She now spends most days in bed due to the pain from her disease.  She is able to do very little with two young girls who need to be taken care of and a husband who must work.  I am crushed by their situation yet every time I talk to her she tells me how blessed she is, how wonderful God is, and I leave her presence knowing God was there.  She in the depths of her pain praises her Father and shows his love to others around her when she needs that love shown to her.  Thank you Angela for sharing yourself and your testimony with everyone you meet.  You are a beautiful woman


Finally another colleague of mine – another young couple – right after the new year lost their baby.  She was 6 months along.  Not only was she happy after battling herself the previous year her pregnancy was a blessing and one she shared with everyone including her students.  Sadly she lost the little girl named Emerson she anticipated so much.  I really can not truly imagine her pain and her loss.  I have no idea how she really feels but she is also a blogger usually sharing wonderful stories for all to read, but now I feel the depth of her pain and the love she has for her God.  Her testimony gives me hope that no matter what is happening if Lauren can walk through her pain and feel the presence of the Lord then I need to stop worrying so much and give it all to the Lord.  This is my sin but these three individuals have really been a shining example for me in my walk.  Lauren’s Blog is the merry mrs mobley take a moment and read her testimony through this trial.



For some reason these three are constantly on my mind and each time my bitterness or worrying takes over I try to stop and think of them and know that I need to point my life toward the Lord so I can feel His Presence and see his Grace.  I just wanted to share these wonderful people and thank God for the example they have been for me in my life.

Warm January Days

I have to sadly say that the weatherman baited us!  We were so excited about this great warm weekend in January only to find lots of clouds, some rain, and wind all mixed in with very little sunshine, but ok the temperatures were fairly nice.  Due to this baiting we made big plans to uncover the boat and hit the lake.  It was our great pleasure to escort the some great friends down the lake to pick up their new boat.  First time boat owners enjoying their new boat in January…


There she goes down the lake with Angie behind the wheel!  The fun began on the trip down with good times on our boat as we anticipated the arrival into the marina to add another pontoon to the fleet!  A cold beer, a bottle of wine, a huge block of cheese (Thank you Eddie) and we were set!



Successfully now docked and covered the boats are ready to finish out this winter so we can enjoy some fun times this summer on the water!  We did finish off Sunday with lunch on the boat (Awesome soup Bill!) and just when we thought we were probably done the sun began to really shine and a few more hours passed enjoyed the water and good friends.  Lots and Lots of Laughter which is my favorite part of hanging out on the lake.  Nothing can make you feel better or invigorate you in the middle of the winter blues than laughter.  That is probably why I love the summers so much.  That and it is warmer so much warmer!   I will get that picture of you next time Angie but for now just me hanging over the side of boat as we parted for the evening, but I got those boats disconnected!


Congratulations again Bill and Angie!  Looking forward to many more laughs together!


New Year 2013

As I toasted 2013 in I thought of all the changes that would really take place this year for my family.  As your children grow it is hard sometimes to really prepare for “big changes” that take place in their lives and how that makes it “big changes” for your life.  I am excited about their new adventures and excited about Derwin and I starting new adventures but the changes are just sometimes emotional and tears well up in my eyes.  As I counted down the seconds last night I kept telling Jesse this is the last 40 secs, 25 secs, 15 secs that you are a high school student.  She will graduate in June and begin her adventure in Tampa, Fl.  I am excited for her but wow that is so far away from home.  I am thankful everyday that Uncle Richard and Aunt Beverly, Kelly and Paul, and Kyle and Christie live so close to her.  I am not sure I could really let her go without so many family members so close to her.  This move will leave Derwin and I empty nesters.  We are really excited about this and making our To Do list of things we want to do together without having any children to really worry about.  Entering this new phase is really exciting for us.  Hannah does not want to be left out this coming year as she will move into her own apartment in April and stay in Chapel Hill this summer to work and go to summer school with plans to graduate December 2013 from Carolina.  We are so proud of her.  She is a double major in English and History.  Her plans are to work the spring of 2014 and enter graduate school by the fall of 2014.  I can’t believe she will be really on her own and living alone.  She is excited about this new adventure in her life.  I guess I can not mention Hannah without mentioning Aldo.  They are still very serious and making big plans for their future.  We shall see how their futures work out together.  I know they are very committed to each other.  The question is left what will this year bring Derwin and I?  The answer remains to be revealed.  


The Christmas break has been busy but fun.  The girls from work all gathered the last day to send Cindy off on a new career direction.  We will miss her but we get to keep Susie!  Here is her arrival at the gathering 



Although Susie is one who will always keep up smiling the girls will all miss Cindy.  Here is the gang picture minus Brenda of our Lunch Bunch.  I Love these girls!


I will close this post with just a quick Christmas Day memory like all the ones in the past.  The girls on the couch with their “stuff” and Jesus’s Birthday Cake a long tradition that the girls never let us go without even at their ages of 18 and 21.



May God bless everyone this coming year and may we find him in our lives in everything we do.  I am blessed and look forward to what God has in store for my family and I this coming year.  Happy New Year!