Warm January Days

I have to sadly say that the weatherman baited us!  We were so excited about this great warm weekend in January only to find lots of clouds, some rain, and wind all mixed in with very little sunshine, but ok the temperatures were fairly nice.  Due to this baiting we made big plans to uncover the boat and hit the lake.  It was our great pleasure to escort the some great friends down the lake to pick up their new boat.  First time boat owners enjoying their new boat in January…


There she goes down the lake with Angie behind the wheel!  The fun began on the trip down with good times on our boat as we anticipated the arrival into the marina to add another pontoon to the fleet!  A cold beer, a bottle of wine, a huge block of cheese (Thank you Eddie) and we were set!



Successfully now docked and covered the boats are ready to finish out this winter so we can enjoy some fun times this summer on the water!  We did finish off Sunday with lunch on the boat (Awesome soup Bill!) and just when we thought we were probably done the sun began to really shine and a few more hours passed enjoyed the water and good friends.  Lots and Lots of Laughter which is my favorite part of hanging out on the lake.  Nothing can make you feel better or invigorate you in the middle of the winter blues than laughter.  That is probably why I love the summers so much.  That and it is warmer so much warmer!   I will get that picture of you next time Angie but for now just me hanging over the side of boat as we parted for the evening, but I got those boats disconnected!


Congratulations again Bill and Angie!  Looking forward to many more laughs together!