Getting MMS Started…. Empowering Excellence

Our theme year at MMS is “Empowering Excellence” and we are excited about getting another year started.  For me it is bitter-sweet as I watch Jesse prepare to begin her senior year of High School.  This week has been so full with Laptop Training and meetings.  We are a family at MMS and we enjoyed a full day together yesterday….







Moving Hannah back to Carolina

Yesterday we moved Hannah and her roommate Jackie into Granville at Carolina.  I must admit the rooms are really nice just a little awkward to figure out the best way to utilize the space.  I think Jackie and Hannah finally figured out the space for now.








The day started with so much chaos at Granville because so many Freshman move into this dorm and we did not have to move in with Freshman last year.  We want to get in and out because Hannah and Jackie will make all the decisions about the room.  After Derwin spent who knows how long jockeying for space to unload and made laps around the parking lot for a parking space we were saved by a group of Campus Outreach students who swooped in and moved all of Hannah and Jackie’s stuff upstairs in 3 trips!  Many thanks to this group of students!  Granville kindly fed Derwin and I  lunch ( I would say for free but I am sure we paid for it somewhere).  Lunch was nice after a hectic morning before heading back home and leaving Hannah to her junior year on the hill!


Last Summer College Visit

Jesse and I made our last college visit of the summer over to Salisbury, NC to visit Catawba College.  I must say they roll out the red carpet there.  We were given so much one on one attention.  Jesse and I were invited into the President’s office where we sat and chatted with the President for over 30 minutes.   I think Jesse impressed him with her tough questions for him.  After meeting with the golf coach we were given dining hall passes and once again met the President eating in the dining hall where he introduced Jesse to several girls who play golf.  They just opened their arms to her and invited her back to campus to stay with them anytime.  The coach was very positive and seemed like he was willing to help Jesse if she worked hard and told her if she chose Catawba she would play golf!  This has been an exciting summer of college visits so now the time is here to finish and submit applications and wait for decisions and packages to make that final choice.  So hard to read Jesse’s mind.

College of Charleston

It was another day for a college visit.  Today we ventured into historic Charleston, SC to visit the College of Charleston.  This is an old and historic college right in the middle of Charleston.  We enjoyed the tour of the college and the walking up King Street and through the market.  A Few pics we gathered along the way.  Here is Jesse petting “Curtis the Cougar” the school mascot.  The legend is that touching/petting will bring you good luck so of course everyone had to have a touch.

As always we want the details on the School of Business here is a sneak peek of the outside of the building which was beautiful outside and in.  But the CofC does not allow you to declare a major until your Sophomore year because they want their students to explore before they decide.

The next picture is of the original library on campus a beautiful building that sits next to the building on campus that has been a backdrop for movies like The Patriot, The Notebook, Dear John, and a few others.  I wish I had a picture of that building but I have some video for a Connected Educator project I was working on during the visit.

We finished the day with a little shopping and waiting out the rain in both Charleston and Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

I had a great day hanging out with my girls!

MGSD Summer Institute

I have spent the last two days busy being a student again…. Ok I did some teaching too.  After my Professional Development teaching I got to be the student and learn some new great stuff!!!  Above is a picture of the Social Studies teachers from middle and high school busy collaborating and  building Project Based Learning units. Here are some more dedicated middle school teachers at work….








I learned about some great new Web 2.0 tools that I can not wait to get using!  As well as all about connecting globally as a teacher and through classrooms.  I am excited to see what MGSD and MMS will be busy engaging in this year!

A few things I have been checking out…





Just to name a few!

Hannah and Aldo

My apologies to Aldo my post published without the proper edits.  Not sure how I did that.  Here is the correct version of my post.

Aldo has been visiting us for a few days so I thought I would share a little about them since I have gotten to spend a few days with him.  Hannah and Aldo met last summer while working at SeaWorld and doing discipleship for Campus Outreach.  He is a student at NC State so they are closer together when they are at school.  They have known each other for a year and are very committed right now to each other.  My surprise today was lunch prepared by both.  Aldo was busy in the kitchen cooking and then followed up by cleaning up the kitchen as well.  I must say this was all great for Hannah.  He is a good kid and treats Hannah well!  Here is a picture of the two of them on the boat this afternoon.

Aldo’s parents are both from South/Central America (Venezuela and Guatemala).  He speaks fluent Spanish but was born and raised in the United States.  His parents are both doctors and he grew up in the Raleigh area.  He is a mix of Hispanic culture and American!