Moving Hannah back to Carolina

Yesterday we moved Hannah and her roommate Jackie into Granville at Carolina.  I must admit the rooms are really nice just a little awkward to figure out the best way to utilize the space.  I think Jackie and Hannah finally figured out the space for now.








The day started with so much chaos at Granville because so many Freshman move into this dorm and we did not have to move in with Freshman last year.  We want to get in and out because Hannah and Jackie will make all the decisions about the room.  After Derwin spent who knows how long jockeying for space to unload and made laps around the parking lot for a parking space we were saved by a group of Campus Outreach students who swooped in and moved all of Hannah and Jackie’s stuff upstairs in 3 trips!  Many thanks to this group of students!  Granville kindly fed Derwin and I  lunch ( I would say for free but I am sure we paid for it somewhere).  Lunch was nice after a hectic morning before heading back home and leaving Hannah to her junior year on the hill!


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