Life Goes On….

Today I ponder my youngest child and her gifts.  She is such a loving young woman who is full laughter, but is depressed as her sister is moving on in life and she is feeling left behind.  She will be my next blooming flower.  I do worry about her and her transition to being the only child in the home, but I know without a doubt she will shine.

Jess and Har
Snuggle Time

Right now she weighs on my mind and I fear she feels second best to her big sister!  Patience is something I guess we all must have to know what the Lord’s plan is for all our lives.  I will start working on patience in all things…..


Endings and Beginnings

It is mid June and things are slowing down.  I have never pondered before how June really is a time of ending and beginnings.  School years end, Graduation, and Summer begins and new stages of life.  Obviously, I have a new graduate and as she enters a new stage in her life I do as well.  She will no longer look to me as she has in the past.  She will no longer be apart of my day to day life like she has been the past 18 1/2 years.  Sad and happy such mixed emotions for this time of year.  It is a good thing that it takes place in the summer, so that the time if relaxing and the weather says get out and enjoy yourself!  Memories are always good, so here is to my first child crossing the stage literally and figuratively.  Check out the graduation picture of the final moments of high school.  Is she really moving on?

Way to Go