A Chill in the Air

Harley Run

The past 8 weeks have flown by for Derwin and I.  We left our youngest in Florida and I think she fell in love with the warm weather and the University of Tampa.  She seems to have adjusted well!  As the fall comes marching in we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and having both girls home with us even if it will be brief.  I want to enjoy the fall air but Christmas will bring a new family as Hannah will officially be a college graduate.  Wow! I can not believe she is almost done,  yet this semester seems to be wearing her down.   She has so much on her just to get herself out the door in December, but I know our girl and she will succeed as always and proudly be a Carolina Tarheel Graduate.

Before the girls make their way home, Derwin and I will celebrate 25 years a little early with a trip to Belize.  So warm weather here I come….

As I ponder all this I sit with Harley on my lap.  She came into our lives almost 5 years ago.  It is hard to believe she was once so little and that 5 years have gone by …. Today is her birthday, so Happy Birthday Harley!

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I do want to share the heaviness that God has laid on my heart lately.  Just when I want to feel sorry for myself, God points me toward someone who is in a worse predicament yet fully praising God through all their adversity.  These Christians remind me to always glorify the Lord, but more importantly to be thankful for everything Christ has given me.  Once again I am reminded of the church sign from the summer.  I know it is a message for us all.


Working on that change!