Thankful for….

DSCF3366Tonight (Sunday Evening) is a bitter-sweet night as this is the last night that the house will have at least one of the girls in it.  The last week has flown by just so fast.  I already miss their laughter, arguments, and the mystery that they bring to our home.  They have grown into such beautiful women that I am honored to know.  Last weekend as the men from the church and various other friends had a great afternoon shooting their guns, Harley and I traveled to Greenville-Spartanburg to pick up Jesse.  As usual when Jesse flies there is always a story this time she just can not get off the ground in Tampa with various passenger issues.  Finally, 45 mins late she takes the air and lands safe and sound so excited to see colored leaves and enjoy the cool air.  I think now she is missing the warm Florida weather.  Monday evening Hannah joined us and it was just awesome to have them both in the house.  Harley might have been the happiest.

Thanksgiving Day-

Derwin Turkey Turkey Frying Jesse Baking HARLEY WAITING I promised everyone their favorites for Thanksgiving so our meal was a little extensive but…. We enjoyed it for days!

DSCF3368 DSCF3369

Even today (Sunday) we enjoyed Turkey.  Fury got to eat Carrots before they found the pot and thought this was the best treat ever!

Fury Friday Jesse and Hannah trimmed the tree and we ended the night with a traditional game of Mexican Train.  Yes, we are competitive and addicted, and even Harley wanted in on the action. Mexican Train Saturday we said goodbye to Hannah as she traveled back the Chapel Hill to finish the final two weeks before she officially graduates from UNC Chapel Hill.  Derwin and I are so proud of her and all her hard work to graduate with a double major in 3.5 years.  I wish I could post her 30 page paper that is due Tuesday in order to receive her History degree.  I know she is proud of it just ask her.

Today Jesse has buried herself in homework but she did take time this afternoon to enjoy the sun, Harley and Fury. (Harley is in the chair)Sunday Jesse

Since I mentioned Jesse’s homework let me share a piece of art she created in her design class.  I know she is proud of it and I think she should sell prints.  In case you are unsure this is the University of Tampa logo.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 8.42.55 PM

These memories may be our last here at this house that holds so many of our memories over the last 21 years.  I will miss this home, but I looked forward to where God is sending Derwin and I in the next stage of our lives together.

Update:  Just as I finished this blog and saved it last night, we discovered Jesse’s flight had been cancelled for Monday evening.  After 3 hours in a holding pattern on the phone, we were finally just cut off and gave up.  After 4 hours of sleep we woke this morning and finally got her transferred to a flight in Greensboro that was leaving at 10:45 am.  Derwin hurried to get her there and made it only to find out the flight was delayed until 3 pm.  She finally took off about 6:10 pm this evening and landed around 7:55 pm in Tampa.  It has been a long day and another Jesse flying story.  She might give it up after today.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 8.43.16 PM

I am thankful to Ann Newsome who was on standby all day to rescue her from the airport and still pretty much insisted on picking her up this evening and delivering her to her dorm.  So much to be thankful for….God is Good!