University of Tampa “Home of the Spartans”


All I can say is this is a beautiful campus in the heart of downtown Tampa. Aunt Bev’s office building is just across the river.  Plant Hall is the one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen.  It is hard to describe what you feel standing on the porch looking out at the river and knowing this building at one time was one of the most expensive and as Derwin says “Swanky” places in town.  It is just beautiful and classes are held in the building even today for Freshmen.  The campus was compact yet not too small.  The city gave it a big feel.  I think Jesse was really in Heaven and really could see herself here.  We met the coach today and she was so positive and so encouraging and so into Jesse.  She told Jesse commit and you are on my team!  Jesse loved the fact that she could play golf for free year round.  Such a struggle to keep her on the golf course because every time she goes to practice it cost money.  range balls, nine holes, eighteen holes it all cost.  She loved the fact that golf was free and year round here in Florida and especially at UT!  I feel here becoming a Spartan and as I sat on the beach tonight and watched the sunset I was jealous that she could do this anytime just 30 minutes away from the beach or less.  Check out the sunset on my blog it is up next…..


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