Florida Southern College “Home of the Mocs”

Florida Southern College “Home of the Mocs”  (the snake not the shoe).  This awesome view is of the campus which sits along one side of Lake Hollingsworth.  This is a stunning place which shows why it is the #1 most beautiful campus in the country.  I am going to have a lot of pics because many buildings on this campus were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and I want to share a few.  We enjoyed this visit and Jesse is now really torn.  She loved this campus but right now has no golf contacts here.  She is just unsure exactly where she stand.  It is so much to think about.  Let me share the beauty of this campus.

This photo is of Jesse and Derwin in front of the Water Dome.  Frank Lloyd Wright designed this piece but the technology was not available until years later to create the dome.  It is gorgeous and is located in front of the new library.  It is a $500 fine if students are caught in the fountain.  Only as a senior are they allowed – I said no fun!  This new library is really not that new but the old one was another building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright…..   Another interesting piece of architecture is the covered walkways also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright…..As you can see it is really beautiful and Jesse has some decisions to make.  Last pic of Jesse and Derwin with a dorm and Lake Hollingsworth in background.  Next post will be about Hannah as she flew home today!!!


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