On the Pontoon with Kevin’s Family

Yesterday we spent the day with Derwin’s cousin, Kevin Long and his family, from Miami, Florida.  They are vacationing up this way and took this opportunity to come by and spend the day with us on the pontoon.  Kevin and his wife Vickie have 5 children between the two of them, Marissa, Zachary, Matthew, Benjamin, Elise.  I hope I spelled them all close to right.  I think they had a great time.  Lots of tubing, a little rain, lots of wind, but a beautiful sunset ended the day. Here are some pictures….


Hannah even had some fun on the tube….  

The day ended with a gorgeous sunset that lite up the sky for a really long time even after the sun went down.  Notice the moon in the picture with the flag.


Here is wishing Kevin and his family a happy vacation as they head back up into the mountains.  Big Happy Birthday to Vickie who will be celebrating Thursday July 26th!!!  Hope you guys join us again soon on the Pontoon!


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