Motorboating on the Pontoon at Sunset

ImageAfter all the rain and craziness of the week, Derwin and I decided that the rain would hold for us to venture out to the boat and watch the sunset.  We were, of course, alone on the lake as very few were out with the risk of storms about.  With all the clouds it was a beautiful sunset.  A great way to end the week with a bottle of wine and just enjoying the lake and each other.

ImageAs we listen to some really good music we always have to listen to Pontoon these days by Little Big Town.  This is our new theme song.  Derwin’s cousin Kelley in Florida does not like this song so we decided to make a little video just for her.  If you are reading this here is our video production from the night.

Derwin Part One Pontoon:

Allie Part Two Pontoon:

Everyone Enjoy Your Weekend!


One thought on “Motorboating on the Pontoon at Sunset

  1. AmyG July 22, 2012 / 5:39 pm

    LOVE the videos!!!!!


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