Summer is slipping away

It is hard to believe that the end of July is almost here.  After the whirlwind of the last two weeks, we are trying to settle into a routine.  Hannah is healing and hopes to be eating again soon, but did successfully acquire a job for the coming school year.  She is going to be an after school nanny and is really excited about it.  Jesse is playing her golf and preparing for a mission trip next week with St. Mark Lutheran Church Youth Group to Georgia.  This trip includes a Braves game and Six Flags.  I say what a mission trip but I know all the kids will have a great time and will be excited about the trips at the end of the week after they have worked hard.  Derwin is working as hard as ever as the economy and some insurance changes of late have really made it hard for him to keep his head above water but he loves it!  Spend the morning working on Summer Institute class for Mooresville School teachers and actually starting to get excited about a new school year, but still do not want the summer to slip away so fast.  Slow Down!  Hoping Next week will bring a little slow down in my “our” life.


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