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Is the Endeavor the boat of our Dreams?


Hi Everyone!

We are D and Allie, otherwise known as SolMates!  A few years ago we began discussing our retirement. I, Allie, will probably do most of the blogging, just so you know who is chatting with you here.  I have always loved the beach.  Being close to water, waves, and sand brings peace to my life.  D would say that one of my gifts to him in our marriage was learning to relax and enjoy a day on the beach doing absolutely nothing.

Loving the Water

We grew up in the piedmont of North Carolina near Lake Norman, and as our children grew older we decided to buy a boat.  Spending days on the lake became another passion of ours.  There is something about the water that brings serenity and peace to our lives, and watching the sunset over the water.  Sunsets have become a weekly Friday night event in our lives these days.  Now we are discussing retirement and boating seems a perfect fit for our future, but what does that really look like?

Courtesy of WorldAtlas.com

Oh Captain, My Captain!

In late 2015, D focussed on his Captain license which is finally at completion.  We felt this was a necessity as we moved forward with this plan for both knowledge of navigation and possible moneymaking alternatives for our future.  Along with this began the research for a boat to navigate the Caribbean.  Honestly, like many already out there living the dream we researched and discussed sailing, but in this research we found the powercats.  A powercat is a catamaran boat that functions like a trawler without a sail.  This we feel is the route we want to take to navigate the Caribbean.  We love the idea of the catamaran for stability, but at our age we want to enjoy retirement and since we have not been sailing all our lives we feel this is the perfect match for our future!

Happy Captain!

Check out the Endeavor Boats

Our research has lead us to Bob Bennett in St. Petersburg, Florida and the Endeavor Powercats.  Although, we went to look at different types of powercats, our trips to the Tampa Bay area to visit our daughter in college made this a great place to start.  While visiting the Endeavor marina where haul outs take place for repairs we were able to see both a 44ft and 36ft Endeavor boat.  Here is a brief glimpse of our tours.

Bob Bennett with Endeavor boats was informative and answered many of our questions about the boats and traveling on an Endeavor powercat.  As we left the facility in St. Petersburg, we knew for sure we were interested in the powercat, but unsure of the size and type of boat we would like to purchase as we plan our future and the exploration of clear blue waters.  Come along with us as we begin the journey to find the boat of our dreams to live the life of our dreams.

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