April Weekend

Taking a break from my heart research to just be a proud Mom!  This is your warning not to keep reading because I am heading back to the sharing of my life blog.  This past weekend was a whirlwind for Derwin and I but one that we will cherish for a long time.  The weekend began Friday night with the first sunset cruise of the summer.  It was awesome.  We went with some wonderful friends and grilled steak before the sunset.  A glass of wine to close the day and watch the sun go down.  Notice in the second picture that the moon is above the sun as it sets behind the trees.



It was a gorgeous evening and a needed one before the chaos and excitement of the rest of the weekend.  Saturday morning brought prom preparations and packing up the trailer of furniture and supplies to move Hannah into her first apartment.  So Prom First!  Jesse spend the day getting herself “prettied” up.  She was beautiful!  Yes I am biased!  Here are a few pics of her and her friends of the evening.  Special shout out to Kristin Broome for hair!! You did an awesome job!

 There she is!


IMG_8442 IMG_8560

GirlspromThe one above is my favorite!!!!



Saturday complete!  The girls were gorgeous and the Prom was a success now the big move……

Sunday morning came quickly after having a house full after the prom.  Derwin and I sat out on a 12 hour round trip day to move Hannah into her first apartment.  I am certain that better pictures will come later, but it is ready for her live in now and she is excited.  It is a cute little apartment with a great view from the living room and deck.






Finally bed, table, couch, supplies, etc, (books of course) were all unloaded and in the apartment.  Aldo got the new TV set up and she is ready to move in!  Long day and Long weekend.  Literally we can say it was all about us this weekend.  Derwin and I are very proud of our two girls!


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