University of Tampa


Last weekend Jesse and I visited one more time the University of Tampa where Jesse has decided to attend next fall.  Wow what a beautiful weekend the Florida sun provided for us in the middle of February.  It was great to break out the flip-flops and short sleeves in the middle of winter but made it really hard to come back home.   Jesse and I were not alone as my parents made the long trip with us just to get a glimpse at the school that Jesse has chosen.  I think they were just as impressed.  We arrived Friday at lunch and got our first glimpse at the Bob Martinez Athletic Center that was under construction last summer. Wow is all I can say… But here are some pictures.

EntranceJust inside the entrance is the National Championship Display with a Spartan similar to the one that is found just outside the main entrance.

hallLooking down the hall just inside the front entrance.  Displays on the right of all sports and their accomplishments and just to the left is an awesome Study Room for Athletes.  Also to the right is the new gym complex and through the doors at the end of the hall you find all the coaches offices.


Over the gym doors

Now through the doors to meet with Missy Jones – Jesse’s new golf coach



Jesse was super excited after this meeting again.  The coach really had her pumped up and ready to go!  She wanted to move in right away and get started in Tampa!

We finished our trip on Sunday with an Honors Breakfast for students admitted to the Honors program and Open House with sessions with professors from departments of your choice.  Jesse visited with both English and Business and was again pumped about the school.  I have to admit I was also impressed with professors and a school that really puts teaching students above their own success.  They are successful because the students they teach are  successful!  What a new philosophy for professors at the university level.  I too am excited about this adventure Jesse will soon begin.  Some pictures from the breakfast which was first class.  Our room overlooked downtown Tampa and we could see out to the bay.

honorbreakfast3Yes the Bay is out there straight ahead and downtown was just to our left out the windows.  Gorgeous room and setting for breakfast.


honor breakfast1This is Lianne from Massachusetts she is a sophomore in the Honors Program.  We all ate breakfast with her and Jesse learned so much about the university from her.

After Breakfast we headed back over the Bob Martinez Athletic Center for the Open House to begin and I got some shots of the gym.  First the students tour guides doing some Gangnam Style



After some great information both here and with the professors we were ready to head home knowing that Jesse will soon be a UT Spartan!



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