Northcross Church Retreat

A Weekend of Truths…. Many people started to call it that as the opening night began with John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  Roger began by sharing his story the first night as we all arrived and joined together for a great dinner and worship time.  The next morning worship with Tina who shared her story and did a fabulous job.  She was really nervous about sharing in front of the church group but her story was touching.  Then we divided up for the Family Scavenger Hunt.  In groups of three families we set off our team “Tew Smart Tew Long”  and yes there is a squirrel in that tree.

After lunch we set off with the youth on a hiking adventure that only Northcross could create!  Here are some pics from

Hebron Colony Falls

After some great times climbing the rocks, we climb back out of the falls to hear diesel trucks rumbling.  I cracked a joke that our cars were probably being towed.  Just at that time others noticed the flashing lights of a tow truck and blue lights so we took off running.  Yep, they had already towed Rogers and Mark’s was hooked to the truck.  After negotiating a price, and my husband’s procrastination. Mark got his off the truck and Derwin got off without towing or ticket.  We all pitched in to help Roger get his out of “hock”.  After such an exciting afternoon who would have thought it could get better.  The first annual Talent Show rolled around.  I wish I had pics and details of  Juan (our MC), Roger, Wolf, Jimmy & Whitney, William & “Angela”, The arm wrestling, the theme game, and the newlywed game which Derwin and I won.   All I can say is I laughed so hard my ribs hurt today.  Many thanks to Megan and Mark for sharing their stories.  We headed home in the rain but with some great memories!  Here are a few cute pics.













So if you came this far….



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